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The Temple of the Winds
The WWFRG was founded in 1993 to carry out an intensive study of a small number of sites
in the West Weald area of Sussex and Surrey. Since then, it has expanded its operations to include
sites all over Surrey and West Sussex, keeping to its original name if not its original area or purpose.
It now holds up to 20 forays or more per year, mostly on weekend mornings.
Our 30th season of forays has started!
The programme for last Autumn is here.
We will publish our 2024 programme in the summer.
Scarlet Elf-cup  
Sarcoscypha austriaca,
the Scarlet Elf Cup,
at Brookwood Lye
Inonotus hispidus on apple in Weybridge Physisporinus vitreus with moss at Fir Tree Copse, Dunsfold Typhula quisquiliaris on bracken, Bookham Common Diachea leucopodia, a slime mould also at Bookham
If you would like to be our guest on a foray
or you would like more information please e-mail us:
(Sorry, but we do not collect for the pot!)
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