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 The West Weald from the Temple of the Winds

The WWFRG was founded over 20 years ago to carry out an intensive study of a small number of sites
in the West Weald area of Sussex and Surrey. Since then, it has expanded its operations to include
sites all over Surrey and West Sussex, keeping to its original name if not its original area or purpose.
It now holds up to 20 forays per year, mostly on weekend mornings.

You can download our 2020 programme of forays here .
and directions for getting to the sites that we visit here

Clathrus ruber,
the Red Cage,
from Woking
Clathrus archeri, another startling Clathrus, the Devil's Fingers, near Horsham

Distorted specimens of Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca , the False Chanterelle, near Graffham

Ganoderma pfeifferi at Ebernoe Coprinus picaceus, the Magpie Fungus, in the Mens but also abundant in the woodchip at Collyer's in Horsham

We are monitoring the current corona virus situation and will be conducting our forays according to government advice

If you would like to be our guest on a foray or you would like more information please e-mail us: WestWealdFungus@outlook.com

Sorry, but we do not collect for the pot!

 Here is a link to the British Mycological Society's web-site